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Due to Covid 19, inventory may vary. We will always keep you informed regarding your order.
Due to Covid 19, inventory may vary. We will always keep you informed regarding your order.

Halti Nylon Head Collar

SKU 886284110204

The HALTI Headcollar was designed by Britain's leading Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Roger Mugford. The HALTI Headcollar guarantees to stop your dog from pulling. This package includes a HALTI Headcollar and an instruction guide.

Specially designed to provide an ergonomic and comfortable fit, the adjustable chin-strap with secure cam-lock, allows a customized fitting for every dog. The uniquely styled cheek straps, which follow the contours of a dog's face, stop the OptiFit rising into the dogs eyes or sliding down to their lips. Additional padding on the nose-band, ensures extra comfort and reflective webbing on the side strips help provide additional visibility.

Designed to fit most dogs from short nosed Boxers to long nosed Borzoi's, the HALTI Headcollar provides maximum comfort and optimum fit no matter what the shape or size.


  • STOP PULLING - Train your dog to stop pulling on walks with the world-famous HALTI Headcollar. Neoprene-padded nose band ensures supreme comfort for your dog and prevents the strip from moving into your dog's eyes
  • EFFECTIVE TRAINING TOOL - Patented design gently steers the head and therefore controls the dog's direction of movement, making training easy and putting you, the owner, back in control
  • PRACTICAL & SAFE - The safety loop attaches to the d-ring on the dog's collar allowing control even if the headcollar comes off. The HALTI headcollar is designed to allow your dog to pant and yawn, and reflective webbing on the side strips to help provide additional visibility
  • CUSTOM FIT FOR ALL BREEDS & SIZES- Made from lightweight and strong nylon webbing, The HALTI OptiFit Headcollar comes in 3 sizes and can be adjusted to be used for all dogs including tiny and giant breeds
  • EASY TO USE- Includes a free comprehensive training guide

Intended For: Dogs
Leash Type: Collar
Material: Nylon
Dimensions: 1.2 in x 5.3 in x 8.1 in
Care Instructions: Hand wash, air dry

Available Sizes: 
Size 0: 13-15.5 in (33-40 cm)
Size 1: 13-18 in (33-46 in)
Size 2: 14-19 in (35-48 cm)
Size 3: 15.5-22 in (40-56 cm)
Size 4: 18-25.5 in (46-62 cm)
Size 5: 21-28.5 in (53-72 cm)